Well Aware

I have benefited from physical therapy and energy work with Karen DeVille over a number of years when my body has been out of alignment, my joints have been inflamed or uncomfortable, I have had headaches, and/ or my physical and emotional energy has been out of whack, perpetuating discomfort in my body, mind, and/ or emotions.  Karen’s skillful assessment, discernment in determining interventions, and holistic approach to physical therapy has restored my physical well-being and provided emotional relief, supporting my mental health and bodily wellness in a number of treatment episodes. I recommend Karen DeVille to those seeking a holistic approach to physical healing and overall wellness.

Karen is perceptive and intuitively effective.  She is aware of her own mind-body connection and integrates physical, mental, and emotional information in her holistic manual therapy.  Her unique way of working removes barriers to wellness and supports the body’s innate ability to heal. I would love to see more of her style of treatment available.  I have referred friends and clients to Karen and have had the good fortune to collaborate with her to benefit our mutual patients.

Dr Jill Hanson


Absolutely THE BEST!

Karen’s approach to health and healing of the body as a whole is very effective in today’s healthcare.
She is unique in her field and uses many therapy modalities, getting results where others have failed.
She tailors her skills and expertise to your specific needs.
Her methods go beyond physical therapy and are an essential part to the overall wellbeing.
My highest regards to Karen and the wonderful work she is doing.
L Blitstein M.D.

Hip hip hooray!

My wife has been a patient of Karen DeVille since her last hip replacement surgery. She is under her care with recurrent back pain, headaches and joint pain. She received multiple hip replacements as well as traumatic compression fractures of the lumbar vertebrae, and, has experienced significant and prompt relief from Karen’s creative use of multiple modalities of therapy for a variety of rehabilitation needs.

As such, I highly recommend her on her ongoing career of excellence.

William J. Pickering MD

Who ya gonna call?

Over the past couple of years I have been seeing Karen DeVille PT for various reasons – sciatic pain , shoulder pain, back pain and vertigo – I must say that every time I leave her office I feel better and better. At first I was a bit hesitant with Karen’s methods;  at my first visit I was ok I don’t think this will work out BUT by the time I finished the first appointment and felt much better I was sold on her method. Karen, is my go – to therapist for whatever ails me. My last bout with vertigo it was a process but I believe Karen shortened the time of recovery with her therapy. Karen, is a great listener – extremely knowledgeable in her field and is caring. I must also mention the Office Staff are very very nice….Corrine L.

I have been seeing Karen DeVille PT for awhile now due to 2 torn rotator cuffs- It has been a long painful recovery journey BUT thanks to Karen and her methods I am on the mend and was finally able to go swimming this season! My ortho was very impressed with my recovery times and range of motion and no surgery needed. Karen is very professional, caring and very knowledgeable. Office staff is EXTREMELY helpful and accommodating to my work schedule. I would definitely recommend Physical Therapy and Massage and especially Karen for help in all your therapy needs…Pat L.




Blessed as a healer…

Her hands are blessed with the magic of a sacred healer. She gave me the best experience in my life and I am glad to have met her. I think she knows what she has done for me and I will always remember when I released all that tension and being able to walk erect again. The gods have blessed her and she passes her gift to all that she touches. Praise the healers!  ~Steve Miller

Think Twice

I had double mastectomy surgery with reconstruction for breast cancer in July 2016 with continued implant procedures through the Fall of 2016.
Two months after the initial surgery although I had been faithfully doing the prescribed exercises, I had ongoing issues with pain, immobility and numbness that I believed were permanent. With skepticism and resignation I began treatment with Karen. In 3 sessions I saw dramatic improvement in all areas and much to my relief even the stubborn numbness was resolved.

The “no pain-no gain” mantra I have often heard in my work amongst other therapists was never an adopted part of Karen’s treatment plan. Although the work was on sensitive tissue, to my surprise and delight the therapy was soothing and I did not experience any worsening of symptoms during or after the sessions.

I have been singing Karen’s praises to others including my surgeon who at a follow up appointment was so impressed with my recovery that she asked for the name of my therapist.

Don’t settle for run of the mill. If you have heard any hype about “massage” therapy in Bristol, check twice, it may be a buzz about Karen DeVille and her unique paradigm and treatment approach. She has opened my eyes to what it truly means to be a skilled physical therapist and I am so happy to share my experience and promote the work she does.

Donna Adduci Registered Nurse

Hope and Healing

I worked with Karen for over a year on issues relating to my chronic pain after a double mastectomy for breast cancer surgery two years prior. Karen created a safe space and worked very gently on my much stressed system. She has the hands of an angel… I was very grateful for the work we did together. After working with Karen I was ready to start moving my body more again. She had reduced a lot of my fear around the chronic pain.

I would recommend her highly to breast cancer patients during and after treatment.

Francine Skalicky

One of a Kind

Over the years and many surgeries and fractures, I have experienced a good deal of Physical therapy. At one point I was asked to find a therapist who did deep pressure work but was unable to find one. Most of the therapists dealt with a specific need …use my leg or hand again. Karen however works with the body as a whole, realigning, moving energy as well as working with specific pain or difficulty. She is definitely one of a kind and I am fortunate to have been referred to her by my primary care physician.

Pat Schmidt DW

Ageless, Preferred

(AUTHOR’S NOTE):  This is submitted by an 90 plus  year old woman, who has worked with  many physical therapists, both as a patient, and as a  volunteer handler of her personal dog in animal assisted therapy programs in rehab hospitals.)

Several months after cervical spinal surgery I had yet to regain the range of motion I wanted, so I asked my primary care physician “What’s next?”  I’d tried traditional Physical Therapy, so I was skeptical when she handed me a flyer from Physical Therapy and Massage of CT and questioned her with “more of the same”?  She said she’d heard good things about Karen DeVille, and urged me to contact her.  I kept the flyer, and would glance at it occasionally, then put it back in the stack.

Finally I made the call in Oct. 2015.  On my first visit I was impressed with Karen’s extensive physical evaluation, but was very skeptical on the second visit, which was ‘hands-on’.  In my initial visit Karen had recommended I try six sessions, then decide if this was for me.  I  felt that was reasonable.

As of June 2016 I see Karen 1 or 2 times a week and I also work out with my personal trainer weekly–a schedule I plan to continue…what more can I say!!!!!

P.S.  My two daughters are physicians, one in family medicine and palliative care, and the other in surgical oncology.  Both enthusiastically support this schedule.

Martha Brewer
Farmington, CT

I Recommend Without Exception

I have worked with Karen DeVille RPT for over ten years sharing mutual patients having neurological events such as CVA and TBI. Ms. DeVille has always conducted herself professionally and with the highest intentions regarding rehabilitation. I recommend Ms. DeVille without exception for persons seeking rehabilitation for neurological challenges.

Padula Institute of Vision
Guilford CT