I Recommend Without Exception

I have worked with Karen DeVille RPT for over ten years sharing mutual patients having neurological events such as CVA and TBI. Ms. DeVille has always conducted herself professionally and with the highest intentions regarding rehabilitation. I recommend Ms. DeVille without exception for persons seeking rehabilitation for neurological challenges.

Padula Institute of Vision
Guilford CT

Feel like myself again!

Feel like myself again!
I first went to see Karen when I developed TMJ, as well as migraines, and at the time was recovering from a sinus infection. Karen’s amazing skills and touch made me feel better after each session. Her office environment is relaxing and friendly and I always felt like a “new person” when I left. As each session went on, my pain in my face/sinuses decreased and so did my anxiety. I thank Karen for making me feel like myself again and helping me get through all of my aliments this past year. She is wonderful and I would highly recommended her.

Variety of Options

A friend referred me to Karen due to chronic shoulder pain. Through her thorough evaluation, I learned that the shoulder pain was a symptom of other issues, including a breathing problem. With a variety of treatment options, Karen was able to help me. Once the breathing was dealt with, the rest seemed to fall in place. A neck injury kept me going back and again, Karen used a variety of options based on what she saw and how I was feeling that day to get me back on my feet.
 What I really appreciate is her ability to treat the whole person, not just a body part. Her care and compassion is evident right from the first appointment. She is teaching me what I need to do and what I need to watch for so I don’t slide back.
I would highly recommend Karen as a physical therapist for specific problems or just to maintain alignment.
Denise Lopez

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Very Skilled Practitioner

A few years ago, my husband and I read Your Inner Physician and You by John E. Upledger. This is a powerful book about Cranio Sacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release. After reading this book, we were eager to find an experienced practitioner and experience the benefits of cranio sacral therapy first hand. Within days, we found Karen. After our first sessions, we both knew that she was a gifted and very talented practitioner. My husband Jacob, whose spine curves a bit, began to stand taller, and became much more flexible and I experienced almost immediate emotional balance as well as other physical healing. Karen is a very skilled practitioner with an amazing intuitive ability. Her sessions work both on the physical and non-physical self. After one session with Karen, you will be transformed on some level. I would highly recommend Karen to any individual who is struggling with a physical, mental, or emotional imbalance.

Kristen Werblow, M.A., CPC
Jacob Werblow, PhD

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Very Knowledgeable

My family lived through a nightmare as a neurosurgeon told us that our youngest son needed surgery now, that something was pushing on his brain. I have never been more scared in my life. We ended up being the lucky of the unlucky as it turned out to be an infection gone mad! Karen played a big part of making my son whole again. The treatments were excellent. Karen is very knowledgable and was right on when she described the benefits of her treatments and as parents what we should expect.  I do not hesitate when recommending Karen to those in need.

Chris Frechette

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Expert Diagnosis

Myself and my two sons Philip and Jared have seen Karen DeVille for physical therapy on a number of occasions at Physical Therapy and Massage of Ct.

My issues were for treatment of shoulder tendonitis / adhesive capsulitis in both shoulders.

Philip and Jared were both treated for hip and lumbo-sacral strains that were caused by sport injuries.

As with all our injuries Karen provided expert diagnosis and treatment that allowed our injuries to heal and strengthen so that we were able to get back to normal function and activity in a short period of time. We would not hesitate to go back to Karen in the future or to recommend her to others.

Thomas Rokosa

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Feel better!

Karen is an excellent physical therapist.  I have had bad luck with various physical therapists in the past until I met her.  I feel a lot better.  I am now able to sleep better, move my arms and am able to do more things that I was not able to do before I went to Karen for physical therapy.  I am so happy that I no longer need to take any medications!  She’s the best!


Dedication To Patient Wellness

Dedication to patient comfort, wellness, and trust. That is how I would describe Karen Deville.
Several years ago, my father who was post polio as a child broke his afflicted leg. During his recovery he was lucky enough to have Karen as his physical therapist.
Karen was very dedicated to helping my father become mobile again. Post polio victims often have muscle degradation and weakness as they mature in life. This was no regular recovery from a broken leg.
She reassured my father when he doubted his abilities to recover. My father trusted her and felt he was in good hands. She worked with my father for many months.
Karen followed up with my father on several occasions after the conclusion of therapy to make sure he was doing well.
My brother and I are grateful that Karen was assigned to helping my father.

James Swanson
Burlington CT

Good Hands

I had the serendipitous luck to have Karen DeVille as my physical therapist when I injured my cervical spine.  Wow. She was pure magic.  I was very happy to reconnect with her when, several years later, I suffered a painful knee injury. In both instances, I knew I was in “good hands” and though I had never been to a physical therapist before, right from the start I found myself in very warm, comfortable, and trust-inducing environment.  Karen’s therapy was holistic, professional, and totally effective.  She really knows her stuff.

Lisa L.

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Amazing Transformation

Being diagnosed with POTS at the age of 14, I didn’t know what type of treatment I needed in order to feel okay again. Eventually being told cranial sacral therapy would help, I started getting treatments with Karen and I was able to make an amazing transformation. I was able to go from feeling so bad I could barely leave the house to being able to have a normal life again, even being able to go to college across the country. She puts everything into her work and I couldn’t have done it without her. I won’t go to anybody else in Connecticut for cranial sacral therapy.

Lisa C.

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